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No Rules, 6years old map ! Join the best anarchy minecraft server !

About us

0b0t is a minecraft anarchy server from 2016 and a good alternative to the popular server 2b2t, but without the long queue. Hacks, swearing, raiding and everything else is allowed.

There are basically no rules. The server features vanilla survival gameplay, with only soft anticheat and teleportation outside the spawn area.

The owners are almost not intrusive and everything you can see on the server was created by the players. 0b0t is also known for its active mapart making community.

There are active dupes and most players are friendly and will give you equipment. The server had some ownership changes over the time, but the current map of 0b0t is based on the map from july 2016.

Hardware info

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i9-9900K
  • RAM: 128GB ecc ram
  • STORAGE: 16tb harddrives
  • LOCATION: Germany

Where it started

The server started in July 2016 as a "cracked" alternative to the famous 2b2t server and was hosted by a guy named 8ut. After 2 months, the server was already shut down. In March 2019, after other people tried to revive the server, A Server Owner For Fun took over and started a new server consisting of the old 8ut map and many world downloads from 2b2t (>400) to make the server interesting. Now the server is maintained by A Server Owner For Fun and Synio.

Frequently asked Questions

Is hacking allowed on

Hacking is allowed on the dopest anarchy server You can use clients like Impact, Catalyst, Lambda and you will not get banned.

What is the seed of

The seed of is -4172144997902289642, the same seed that 2b2t uses.

Is 0b0t like 2b2t? is an anarchy server with no rules and no punishments just like 2b2t but has no lag. Java Edition IP is and Bedrock Edition IP is and the port is 19132.

Is 0b0t free?

It's free to join 0b0t any time with the IP Address Donation help us keeping the server running

Is 0b0t safe?

Playing on is safe as long as you don't click on any unsafe links in the chat.

0b0t 1000 block spawn region - 8ut era