The 0b0t Minecraft server runs on payments from its PayPal account. The account must be funded at the end of each month to finance the server. Please help us keep the server running with your donation. Currently, the four owners are paying about two-thirds of the server costs.

No bullshit is included in the donations requested. Exact prices and information written in the "Donations" tab. It is possible to be 'rewarded' for donations in the game. The owner does not benefit financially from the donations.


0builders0tools (

0builders0tools is a Minecraft anarchy server that promises its players vanilla survival gameplay with PvP, no rules and a world that is devastated and littered with ruins. The IP is The server started in July 2016 as a "cracked" alternative to the famous 2b2t server and was hosted by a guy named 8ut. After 2 months, the server was already shut down. In March 2019, after other people tried to revive the server, A Server Owner For Fun took over and started a new server consisting of the old 8ut map and many world downloads from 2b2t (>400) to make the server interesting. Since 2021 the server is maintained by the following people: TimJongUn_ and A Server Owner For Fun. The world size is >3.4 TB with >150,000 players (Last update 2022).
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Website last updated 17th July 2022.

Donation rewards

We are currently working on a donation API. In the future, you will get 30 days of custom name colors (including bold and italic) and other things when you donate a certain amount of money.

Server costs

The Minecraft server computer costs $82 per month. The hardware is an Intel® Core™ i9-9900K cpu, 128 gb ecc ram and 2 x 8tb harddrives in raid 1. The extra dollars go towards the annual domain cost. That's $85.
Lee: I want to buy this shith*le!

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